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You might have noticed that Cammareri is no longer on the sign. Fear not, the Cammareri bread you love so well is still featured at Monteleone's. Even when a marriage doesn't work out, the quality of the products are still there. Click on this link to go to the Cammareri Brothers webpage.


F. Monteleone & Cammareri Brothers in Brooklyn,
355 Court Street, between Union and President Street. 
(718) 852-5600

The sweetest union on Court Street

The Brooklyn Paper

The much-loved bakery that served as the backdrop in Cher’s 1987 hit romance is coming back to Carroll Gardens — and like the film’s lovesick star, Cammareri Bakery has found its perfect match.

Ten years after closing its legendary shop at Henry and Sackett streets, Cammareri’s is pairing with Monteleone, a Court Street pastry shop, to start what carbohydrate hounds are already imagining will be the dreamiest marriage around: the Monteleone & Cammareri bakery.

“They are a pastry shop that has been there forever, too,” co-owner Nick Cammareri said. “It was a good opportunity to merge bread with pastry and bring old-world baking back to Brooklyn.”

Cammareri grew up above the old bakery opened by his grandfather 1921. In 1986, the family closed shop to focus on a location in New Jersey and another in Bensonhurst.

Their old haunt is occupied by Naidre’s, a decidedly more new-world establishment.

With that new laptop and latte crowd in mind, the new double-team bakery will sell a few carbo-concoctions that neither establishment sold in the past.

“We still got a lot of the old people who like their sweets full-strength,” said Lenny Cristino, owner of Monteleone. “But we know the neighborhood is changing, so we did some things new.”

Cristino said that 80 percent of the pastries will be full-strength and 20 percent will be a “little lighter.”

The Grand Opening
Brooklyn Borourgh President Marty Markowitz

Nicholas and Paul Cammareri

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