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Gossip on the internet:

Walked by today and was pleasantly surprised to see this place open, finally. I stopped in and picked up some lard bread (divine!!!) and a regular loaf. The pastries looked good, but I refrained for now.

The counter staff seemed untrained and overwhelmed, so there was a bit of a wait -- don't go if you're in a hurry.

Glad to have both these renowned names back in business. The bakery is on Court, between Union and President.

  1. I saw they were open yesterday as well but didn't have time to stop in. The place looked pretty mobbed. Did you get a chance to check out the cheesecake? Hopefully it remains unchanged (and just as wonderful) as it was before.

    1. The cheesecake is back, as before. PERFECT. Samples on the counter, too.

  2. Great news. Thanks Larry - I'll be heading there this weekend.

  3. Is this the Cammareri's that I remember from the neighborhood as a kid? The place that used to supply all the bodegas and delis with great bread before they moved away to make us suffer with that crap from Caputo's?

    1. re: deepyarn

      Same Cammareri's - used to be on Henry Street and was featured in the film Moonstruck (hence the comment below).

      1. Thanks, hopefully their bread will be as good as before, I've been missing their semolina Italian loaf since the day they left.

  4. I walked by as well. I stopped walking when I noticed they had Moonstruck playing on an LCD mounted on the wall - on a loop. Perhaps I can get passed this and go inside and give it a try. It does look inviting.

    1. re: monicagtz

      What are the prices like? EXTREMELY reasonable, like before?

      1. re: Matt M.

        Seem to be the same from my memory, maybe a little more but hardly.

        1. That's great news because not only were they the best bakery of that kind, but they were the cheapest, by far.

          1. Well they've been going strong and cheap since they closed in Carroll Gardens down on Bath Avenue and roughly B-19th Ave. Used to go there often until I found Royal Crown halfway there.

Well, bite my tounge. Less than 12 hours after grousing here about when the newly combined Monteleone and Cammareri bakery might finally deign to open, my wife walks through the door with a tidy little box wrapped in red and white string full of Monteleone cookies. The bakery's door apparently swung open today (Feb. 8). Wifey's take on it: "They don't know what they're doing yet. And it wasn't their full selection. I got what I could."

I ripped open the box (before I remembered to take a picture, as you see) and tasted one of the goodies. And...hmmm. Tasted familiar, no doubt about that. But a bit burnt and a bit stale. Me thinks these are the cookies that have been biding time in the display cases the past few days waiting for the shop to open to the public. The old Monteleone's cookies were always fresh and moist. Ah, well. First day. They need time.

An hour later, on my way to the subway, I passed by the place. Four young girls in white shirts, busying themselves. The cases are only half full, and I didn't see much in the way of Cammareri bread. Give 'em time, give 'em time.

But I found the answer to one burning question. Will Cammareri exploit its "Moonstruck" connection? Yes! A resounding yes! At the back of the bakery is a flat screen television obviously loaded with a DVD of the Cher flick. All someone needed to do was click on "Play Movie" on the remote.


February 9, 2007

Opening Day Delayed for Monteleone's

We're still patiently awaiting the re-opening of our favorite local bakery, Monteleone's on Court Street — which will soon be Monteleone & Cammareri Bakery — but local blogger Lost City is getting concerned:

"At last report, the combined bakery said they would open this past weekend. But by midweek this week, miniature cream puff one hadn't been sold. The cookies are all sitting their in their glass display cases waiting to be bought. It makes one wonder if all the legal problems that have been rumored over the months are true, or worse."

It pains us to see almond macaroons going stale in the display case. Anybody know what the deal is, or when this place is actually going to open?

UPDATE: They're open! We stopped by Friday night — the bakery was hoppin' and the renovation looks great. We picked up some cookies, which were as delicious as ever, chatted with the very sweet girls behind the counter, and were even handed a free loaf of bread from the guy who appeared to be the owner. (And we didn't even mention the Brooklyn Record — so this wasn't a publicity bribe!) Gotta love this place.

Monteleone and Cammareri Plays Hard to Get Monteleone's is Making a Comeback [Brooklyn Record]

Posted by Brooklyn Record at February 9, 2007 11:27 AM


Back to Baking at Monteleone

It’s been a long time coming, but Carroll Gardens’ Monteleone bakery is finally back in business. F. Monteleone and Cammareri Brothers–a joint venture uniting two beloved Brooklyn bakeries–opened in early February, more than a year after the deal was announced.

Early word is Monteleone’s famous cheesecake is as good as ever, and its lard bread is peppery, rich, and rustic. Longtime devotees look forward to sampling other signature specialties, like biscotti, sfingi, and miniature pastries. In the meantime, the handsomely renovated shop is turning heads. “I love how they kept the old-fashioned flavor of the bakery,” writes monicagtz. “No more Dunkin’ Donuts, please, in the hood. We need more of this!”

F. Monteleone and Cammareri Brothers Bakery and Cafe [Carroll Gardens]
formerly Frank Monteleone’s Pastry Shop
355 Court St., between Union and President, Brooklyn

Cammareri Brothers Bakery [Bensonhurst]
1660 Bath Ave., between Bay 14th St. and 17th Ave., Brooklyn
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